• United Health Care PPO, PO & EPO

  • MGM Direct Care

  • Medicare & Medicaid

  • Aetna® PPO

  • Anthem® Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® PPO

  • Health Plan of Nevada

  • Cigna

  • Culinary Union

  • Sierra PPO

We accept most non-HMO insurances, including PPO’s and cash. You may want to check with your insurance to make sure that we are a provider for your plan. In order to have more time to provide quality medical care for our patients and to have a better quality of life for ourselves, we have chosen not to be involved in HMO medicine.

This means that we cannot provide care for any patients who want to use their HMO insurance, unless the patient chooses to pay cash or has an option on their HMO insurance, called POS or Point of Service, which allows them to see physicians not on their insurance plans. If you choose to use your POS option, you will usually be responsible for meeting a deductible and you will most likely have a larger copay than you would have with your HMO option. Also, your POS option may still not cover routine care or labs if you see a non participating physician.

Please call the health plan to verify participation before scheduling an appointment to avoid any unexpected expenses.